Studying for the GitHub Foundations Exam?

Do you wish to obtain the GitHub Foundations certification? Use the following tools to help you pass!

Why I pursued the certification

I suppose many factors drive an individual to pursue IT certifications. These include skill validation, career opportunities, job requirements, increased credibility, or professional growth and development. Recently, I took the GitHub Foundations exam to fulfill the certification requirements of my position, to continue a personal commitment to continuous learning and improvement, and a heightened understanding that version control systems like GitHub have become a critical component in well-architected Infrastructure as Code environments.

The Exam

I’m not going to rehash the complete exam blueprint on this post but I certainly suggest you review the GitHub Foundations Study Guide to get the latest on the topics covered within the exam domains.

As for the exam itself, it is 75 questions and you have 2 hours to complete it. In my experience, though there were multi-answer questions, there were no multi-paragraph scenarios requiring PhD level intelligence to fully understand and for that I was grateful. Thus, I found the 2-hour allotment generous, giving you the ability to “take your time”, consider what the question is asking, and to evaluate the answer(s).

Study Resources

I believe you will find the following resources, extremely effective study tools:

  • Practical Experience – I know this is a no-brainer, but hear me out for a moment. Earlier this year, I passed the “Google Digital Leader” exam without extensive experience on the GCP platform. Speaking for myself, I don’t believe I could have passed the GitHub Foundations exam without my experience on the GitHub platform. I will say this…to date, my experience with GitHub has been from an end-user/development perspective, not administration, so I had to spend extra time on administration-type topics
  • Microsoft Learn – You’ll see a link for the GitHub Foundations learning path on MS Learn on the GitHub Foundations Study Guide and I found it to be an excellent exam preparation resource which includes:
  • The interactive lessons found on
  • Chris Williams’ study guide on

Good luck!

If you are studying for the GitHub Foundation exam, I believe the resources listed above to be extremely helpful and will enable you to achieve a passing mark. However, if you have found other helpful resources, please leave a comment and share with others. Good luck!

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